For several Theatre and Dance majors, Fresno State is only the beginning

Cecilia Fisher adding gold paint to a prop bell. She is wearing a. blue shirt.

Fresno State’s Department of Theatre and Dance takes pride in its talented and dedicated students, who consistently demonstrate exceptional skills and passion for their craft. These graduates are eager to continue their artistic development and expand their knowledge through advanced studies.

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Fresno State Alumna hired as Assistant Professor at Baruch College in New York City

Graduation photo of De La Cruz.

“I really wanted students to acknowledge that studying the U.S.-Mexico border is important because we need to know that our history is rooted in between the U.S. and Mexico and how the border came to be, but also to think about the voices of people that have been affected by the border enforcement.” ~ Lizbeth De La Cruz Santana

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Kudos to Fresno Writers – Spring 2022

A woman's hand with rings on her fingers grasps a pen tightly as she writes in a notebook.

Kudos to #FresnoWriters is an ongoing series on the Fresno State MFA blog, celebrating the professional accomplishments of students, alumni, and faculty in Fresno State’s Creative Writing Program and the Department of English.

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