Civil rights leader celebrates new Gandhi Center

Rev. James Lawson speaks at Fresno State.

On Feb. 18, Rev. James Lawson Jr. joined a Zoom gathering with Drs. Ravi and Naina Patel, community members, campus leaders, students and faculty from Fresno State as they announced the creation of the “M.K. Gandhi Center: Inner Peace and Sarvodaya.” 

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Audia Dixon, 2022 Graduate Dean’s Medalist

Student of distinction: Audia Dixon

“Without Art, I don’t know how my life would turn out. For it gives me purpose, discipline and constant self-discovery. Your words of encouragement, advice and critique have shaped me to become what I am today, and I am very grateful.”

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Steven Hensley, 2022 Undergraduate Dean’s Medalist 

Student of Distinction: Steven Hensley

“Studying philosophy at Fresno State has altered my perception of the world and called me to action. I am no longer freezing or starving on a park bench, but some people are freezing and starving on a park bench, and it is for them that I take this next step forward.”

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This week on Fresno State Focus…

Fresno State Focus television studio

This week on Fresno State Focus Anchors Anissa Martinez and Karl Cooke Jr. will take us into the Fresno Chaffee Zoo to take a peek into the animal life there.

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Student of Distinction: Lauren Heard

Student of Distinction: Lauren Heard

“This is what I pursue: storytelling through design. Currently, I am applying to production design internships, intending to later pursue a master’s degree with the goal of becoming a production designer and arts educator.”  

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