Art and Design alum Fidel Mendoza dazzles as Bronco Wine Co’s new Lead Graphic Designer

Fidel Mendoza

Department of Art and Design alum Fidel Mendoza’s success in the graphic design industry has culminated into a recent promotion to Lead Graphic Designer for Bronco Wine Co. which boasts a highly varied selection of wine that they produce from vineyard to table. Bronco Wine Co. is the largest vineyard owner in the U.S. and the 5th largest winery.

As Lead Graphic Designer, Mendoza is afforded plenty of creative control and responsibility within the company.

“I’m in charge of coordinating the graphic design team to provide digital and print artwork for California and National sales teams and their on-premise customers for the whole company.”

The body of work that Mendoza has produced for Bronco Wine Co. is as diverse as the wines themselves,  in which he showcases their unique flavor profiles.

“For me, the creative process is an adventure filled with the excitement of finding the hidden treasure. Bronco Wine Co. has so many brands that they all have their own unique story. I’ve always had the passion for exploring and gaining creative inspiration. So, the more research and exploration on the brand I do, the more my work develops engaging and innovative digital and print designs,” said Mendoza.

Mendoza earned his BA in Art with the Graphic Design Option in 2012. Upon graduation, he focused on collaboration for a few years as a freelance graphic designer before working his way up through a small Napa-based winery to the position of Senior Graphic Designer. From there, he transitioned to becoming part of the Bronco Wine Co team.

Mendoza’s interest in wine spurred from his family’s involvement in the industry, and Mendoza had in fact planned on majoring in Enology at Fresno State before ultimately choosing to obtain a degree in Art and Design. However, Mendoza still remained interested in the wine industry as an undergrad. Fortunately, a class design project helped him bridge the gap between his two passions.

“I remember that one of Professor Martin Valencia’s projects was to create a wine label. I was able to use this project in my portfolio. It really made me universal and it helped me adapt to any project,” said Mendoza.

Photo by Steve Rosenfield,

Reflecting on how his time at Fresno State influenced his career, Mendoza stated: “I was able to build and compose a portfolio showing my talent and what I could offer to an employer. I would not be the person that I am today if it were not for my experiences and education through the Fresno State Department of Art and Design. I was given so many tools to succeed through the department that I will never forget.”

Mendoza currently lives in the East Bay with his wife and one-year-old son. His wife, an Early Childhood Mental Health Specialist at Berkeley and younger brother, a viticulturist in Napa, both attended and graduated from Fresno State Class of 2012.

Looking to carry the tradition into the next generation, Mendoza said, “I can’t wait for my kids to attend Fresno State one day as well.”

See more of Fidel Mendoza’s freelance graphic designs.

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