Communication Alumnus finds success building boutique real estate business

Brian Domingos poses with a grey backdrop.

For Brian Domingos, Jr., relationships and helping people is everything. While many Fresno State grads go out and land great jobs to begin their careers, others see a niche in the market and go after it by starting their own business. 

Domingos already worked in Real Estate while working towards his B.A. in Communication at Fresno State. In his scholarship, he learned how to communicate effectively through the various aspects of and theory behind communication.

“My success is directly related to the relationships I’ve made in my life,” said Domingos. “The foundation in Communication Studies provided a road map to relate to people and learn how to listen to their needs.”

Brian Domingos is doing paper work on his desk.

During his studies, he describes a series of “light bulb moments” where the theory he learned in the book was immediately helpful and relevant in his career — a feeling that the material was shaping his future.

“I have fond memories of life discussions with a couple of my favorite professors,” Domingos said.  “There is such a supportive learning environment at Fresno State, and that created the space I needed to grow.”

When Domingos graduated in 2005, he had already had over two years of experience as a real estate sales consultant. He also achieved two certificates in Air Quality Management and Urban and Regional Planning.  

Shortly after graduating, Domingos put those certificates to use in his next job at a land-use consulting firm. In 2007, he continued his education at Fresno Pacific University, where he received an M.A. in Leadership and Organizational Studies. 

Then in 2009, he started his first company, Premier Valley Realty, to provide good service to his clients while improving the community. Then in late 2017, he began Cypress Property Management after clients were asking if they could manage the investment properties they purchased through the real estate company. 

“Fresno likes local brands, and I knew that my vision for a boutique brokerage could come to fruition with hard work and dedication,” said Domingos. “My career in real estate has given me the opportunity to connect with hundreds of people on a deep level during one of the most stressful moments in their life, buying and selling real estate.”

Brian Domingos is posing on a golf cart.

Through listening to his customers and communicating effectively, Domingos said his company can provide top-notch service, which he credits with his success.

“Real estate has been an extremely rewarding career that has abundantly blessed my family.”

Domingos also has advice for students who may be looking to start their own business. 

“Starting your own business is risky. My advice would be to start with your vision and create a plan. Oftentimes we have to visualize our success before it actually becomes a reality,” he said. “Spend the time upfront to plan.”

Even with his businesses, Domingos finds time to give back through his involvement with the Fresno Chamber of Commerce, Fresno State Alumni Association, Fresno Association of Realtors and various political action committees. 

“This work quickly taught me about the many treasures we have in the Central Valley. Our community is unique and full of talented people that want to improve where we live,”  Domingos said. 

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Fresno State College of Arts and Humanities Communication Specialist

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