Paintings by Stephanie Bradshaw called “Emergence: Eukarya and Protist” (2016) – large oil on wood panels.
Stephanie Bradshaw, costume shop supervisor for University Theatre (, will show her art work at the Voice Shop ( “Stephanie Bradshaw: New Work” can be seen at the Sept. 1 ArtHop and through the month of September. Bradshaw won the Dean’s Award for Outstanding Thesis.
Stephanie Bradshaw Headshot
Stephanie Bradshaw

Here’s what Bradshaw has to say about her exhibit:

The bulk of the artworks I’ll be showing are new work I made this summer, large oil paintings on wood panel, as well as small framed works on paper. One of the paintings I am exhibiting in the show, “Balance; Meting Obsession,” was selected for the College of Arts and Humanities ( Deans’ notecards!
Last February, the Department of Art and Design ( gave me the opportunity to have a solo exhibition, “Sustenance in Color: Life Abstracted,” at the M Street Graduate Art Studio Gallery ( The new work I’m showing has a lot in common with the previous body of work, but its themes are slightly different.
I explore the idea of emergence, as well as beauty in the mundane, creating lines and shapes by mediating and abstracting images generated through my photographs of every-day objects. I’m calling it “New Work” because I am still determining an overarching theme for the show. Its like an LP record album before all of its songs have been completed.
I have been an artist and designer all my life. In 2001 I completed my BA in Theatre Arts here at Fresno State with an emphasis in Costume Design. Although my MA, completed last December, is in Art History, I began painting three years ago in Nick Potter’s graduate painting studio to balance all the theoretical reading I was doing. I am very proud to have had my thesis selected as the outstanding CAH thesis this year!