Melissa Hernandez, Department of Art and Design Student of Distinction

Melissa Hernandez, Department of Art and Design of Distinction

Growing up in Firebaugh, the daughter of immigrant parents, Melissa Hernandez had a desire to accomplish something great.

“There’s always this pressure of ‘you’re Hispanic, you’re not going to make it,’” explained Hernandez. “So just generally being able to come to Fresno State and making it through the five years of study, so far, is pretty great.”

Hernandez found her calling and a creative outlet in Graphic Design.

Known for her work ethic and dedication to every project, her instructors praise her outstanding design, creativity, and craftsmanship.

“As a BFA student, Melissa has excelled in her coursework specifically in the advanced graphic design courses where she has produced exceptional projects that exemplify outstanding design, creativity, and craftsmanship,” said Martin Valencia, professor and chair of the Department of Art and Design. 

“Melissa has a very good grasp of the aesthetic principles and has used them effectively to communicate her vision through the Graphic Design problem-solving process,” said Rebecca M. Barnes, lecturer. 

For the last year, Hernandez has worked for Fresno State Printing Services, which has allowed her to experience the process in which digital graphic design files can be produced in a printed format.

Hernandez is also active with the Print and Glory club for which she is treasurer. 

“I knew I would have to work hard…that is why I put my studies first and have been on Fresno State’s Dean’s List twice and on the President’s List six times,” said Hernandez.

With visions of being a leader in the field of graphic design, Hernandez aspires to land a job at a design firm and looks forward to working on branding campaigns in the music or automotive industries while working at a design firm. A fan of typography and type design, she also dreams of one day designing a font.

Her ultimate goal is to start her own design company and expand into other creative outlets. 

“I want to grow and learn to love myself as who I am and help others achieve the same thing.”

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