Make Japan your classroom this summer

This summer study trip to Japan will make you experience Japanese society and culture. The emphasis of the program is to make “Japan the classroom.”

You will stay with a Japanese host family for a week in Osaka. Also, you will have a chance to study Japanese culture (Calligraphy, Tea Ceremony, Flower Arrangement, Cooking, etc.) with Japanese students at Osaka Shoin Women’s University and Tokiwa University in Mito.

Kyoto, Nara, Hiroshima, Mito, Kamakura, and Tokyo will be your classrooms with visits to historical and cultural sites (castle, temples, and museums).

Three Week Summer Program
May 27 – June 15, 2019
Course: AH 105-20 (CN 36539) Study Abroad Experience
Prerequisites: GE Foundation and Breadth Area C
Semester: Spring 2019
Units: 3
Estimated Cost: about $3,100.00 + $75.00 (Insurance)
Financial support ($1,000) is available for first 11 eligible applicants

More information
Dr. Tomoko Kozasa
Office: Peters Business Building (PB) Room 41 5

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