Spend three weeks studying in China

Spend three weeks in Shanghai, the largest cosmopolitan city of China with native Chinese speaking professors in a total immersion environment for learning the Chinese language and culture, interacting with local Chinese students, touring the best of China’s traditional architecture and gardens, museums and galleries, and seeing the amazing development of China’s modernization as part of your experience. Tour Suzhou, an ancient city for its deep cultural heritage, including canals, stone bridges, pagodas, and meticulously designed gardens, and the silk museum.

The 2019 China Program is offering a 3-week session at the end of Spring semester (May 18-June 9) at the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology. Join us for an authentic China experience and earn 3 units of course credit.

Registration Information

Course Title: AH 105 -10 Arts and Humanities Study Abroad Experience
Class #: 36538, Prerequisite: Chinese 1A , or enroll in CH iA in Spring 19
Orientation/Class Meeting: Saturday, Jan. 26, 2019
1 – 3pm, Lab School 131

Three Units will count toward your Chinese Minor 
Enroll in for the course in Spring 2019 
The trip takes place: 5/18-6/9, 201

For more information contact: 
Dr. Xinchun Jean Wang / 559-278-2300
Department of Linguistics
College of Arts and Humanities
Peters Business 413

Estimated Cost and Fees
Non-refundable Program Fee $ 150.00
Insurance $ 75.00
Visa Fee $ 200.00
*Program: classes, meals, hotel, local trips $ 1490.00
**estimated Air Fare $ 1,000.00
TOTAL: $ 2,765

*The price may vary if the enrollment is less then 10 students
**Airfare is subject to changes. ($800-$1200)

Grant: eligible students receive $1000 grant money from CSUF for the 1st 10 enrolled

Course description:  This 3-week intensive Chinese course will offer students an immersion environment for improving their listening, speaking, reading, and writing in Mandarin Chinese. You will have local students as buddies for extra class activities on and off campus. Afternoon Chinese culture classes include taiqi, dumpling making, paper cutting, and others. 

You will also visit local families to experience local life. The program also offers a rare first-hand opportunity to learn about the current political, social, and economic dynamics that are impacting Chinese culture and institutions. Students will be able to better understand the challenges and opportunities that exist in China today, especially those about its business environment, financial markets and institutions, and economic development.

In Suzhou, students will visit a Silk Museum and learn about the importance of the Silk Road to commerce and trade. Most of the time, students will stay in Shanghai, a major financial center of Asia, where they will explore the investment environment and Chinese culture. Going to the old city and marketplace will give students the opportunity to learn more about the dynamics of a rising economic system. In addition, students will have opportunities to involve in various activities with Chinese students, communicate and exchange ideas with Chinese scholars at the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology.

Host University: University of Shanghai Science and Technology, College of Foreign Languages

The University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, 上海海理理⼯工⼤大学 founded in 1906, is a public university in Shanghai, People’s Republic of China. It is colloquially known as Shànghǎi Lǐgōng. With more than 110 years’ rich history, USST has today become a comprehensive university, which now covers six main disciplines. This Study aboard course is hosted by the College of Foreign Languages of USST.

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