“The Horn in Chamber Music” faculty recital will feature hornist Thomas Hiebert at 7:30 p.m. Friday in the Fresno State Concert Hall. 

Hiebert has been teaching horn at Fresno state for almost 30 years, since 1987.

Accompanying Hiebert are:  Lenore Voth Hiebert (Fresno State faculty) on piano; Rachel Aldrich (Fresno State faculty) on the oboe; Elisha Wilson (horn professor at CSU Stanislaus) on horn; and local public school music teacher and musician Chris Golden on horn.
Here is what Hiebert had to say about the program that he and his colleagues will present:
The first work on the program, Mozart’s three-movement “Horn Quintet,” is virtually a horn concerto – originally for horn and string quartet, but in this version it employs the oboe and piano in their stead very effectively. Though this piece has not been performed often in this arrangement, the combination of oboe, horn and piano has been much used in the literature, and this blend works particularly well for this piece.
The second work on the program, “En Foret,” is a Paris Conservatoire competition piece, and as such it is technical showpiece for the horn, employing special effects such as “hand-stopping,” muting and trills, as well as “exotic” melodies, including a Gregorian Chant and a hunt call.

The third set of works are four Mendelssohn songs I have arranged that work particularly well for horn and piano.  Each is a little “character piece” gem – “Neue Liebe” (New Love), “Jagdlied” (Hunt Song), “Der Mond” (The Moon), and “Pagenlied” (Page Song).

Finally, returning to Mozart, are three pieces for a trio of horns with piano that are arranged Mozart opera numbers from “Cosi fan tutti,” “Don Giovanni” and “The Magic Flute.”  The three hornists here represent three singers’ solo parts and therefore they function equally, each hornist having their own performing range and turn in the spotlight.  

Tickets for Friday’s concert are $10 general, $8 for employees, seniors and students. They are available at:  http://www.fresnostate.edu/artshum/music/concerts/ For further information, contact the Department of Music at 559.278. 2654