A new exhibition went up last week in the Dean’s Gallery, located in the Music Building right outside of the Dean’s Office. This exhibit will be on display through Friday, Nov. 4.

ID 155 – Senior Project

Instructor: Silvana Polgar

The Senior Project epitomizes the sophisticated and independent thinking, creativity and intellectual exploration of senior Interior Design students.  Each project engages and communicates through a graphic narrative, beyond which lays the foundation of social, cultural, socio-economic and human components and needs.

Each project’s interior architecture and design fuse with its exterior architecture in an interaction between plastic forms, shapes, volumes and colors. The creation of the resulting aesthetic and functionality are at the essence of each project.

There is a social commitment to a design that is sustainable. This social responsibility can be encountered in the conscious and conscientious selection of the interior and exterior materials and LED lighting.

Artists in this exhibition are:

  • Northpoint Community Performing Art Center Metropolis – Designed by Carly Grote
  •  One Heart Children’s Health Center – Designed by Brenda Ramirez
  • Bay Vistas Intergenerational Care Facility – Melissa Tregembo
  • Phoenix Square Shopping Centre Expansion of Yosemite Airport  –  Designed by Julio Vega