Two Fresno State Art and Design faculty members are making news with their artwork – Stephanie J. Ryan and Nick Potter.

Stephanie J. Ryan‘s powerful drawing, “The War,” (shown above) was included in “Chaos,” a national juried exhibition for Arc Gallery in San Francisco.

Ryan had this to say about her inspiration for the piece:

This drawing is about the stories my mother would tell me about her experience being imprisoned in Siberia in a forced labor camp as a child during WWII (under Stalin) and eventually escaping. “The War” is an interpretation of these stories from the viewpoint of a child, hearing these stories. They are interwoven with fairy tale imagery, memory, and so on. With all the wars going on today, I think of all the pain and suffering that the survivors and their families will spend generations recovering from.

Drowned World NAP

Nick Potter’s exhibit at Corridor was named one of “5 Shows to See” in the July 7 ArtHop by Fresno Bee arts writer Donald Munro:

Potter’s describes “1000 Utopias”as a series of paintings and comment on “the often disturbing utopian fantasies that many governments, cultures, and ideologies have sought to realize and impose upon each other.”

One of Potter’s paintings from the show – “The Drowned World” – is featured above. The show, which continues through July 24, is the second solo show of Potter’s at the gallery, which is located at 2122 Mono St. Details: www.corridor2122.com.