The Fresno Bee published a timely piece on partisan divide written by Andrew Fiala, chair of the Philosophy Department in the College of Arts and Humanities:

Among committed partisans, “70 percent of Democrats and 62 percent of Republicans say they are afraid of the other party.” This crisis of trust threatens the fabric of civil society. But partisan conflict is not new.

Fialia writes that our Founding Fathers warned against factionalism:

Our nation’s founders realized that you cannot eliminate factionalism without undermining liberty. They designed the Constitution to moderate its pernicious effects. The Constitution prevents tyranny. The rights of individuals are protected. Power is distributed. The nation’s size and diversity makes it tough for any single faction to gain complete control.As we reflect on the anniversary of our nation’s independence, Fiala encourages us to reach across the aisles, across party lines, and to look for what we share in common with each other, instead of focusing on differences.

You can read Fiala’s column here in its entirety: