9 questions with retiring philosophy chair Dr. Robert Maldonado

Headshot of Dr. Robert Maldonado

Dr. Robert Maldonado, professor and chair of the Department of Philosophy, is retiring this fall. He has been with Fresno State since 1991. We sat down with Dr. Maldonado to hear more about his 32 years at Fresno State and his future plans following retirement.

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In historic partnership Jain and Hindu communities establish joint Endowed Chair in Jain and Hindu Dharma

Images: Hindu Goddess Saraswati calendar art; Shri 1008 Mahavir Swami by Dayodaya.

The groundbreaking partnership between the Jain and Hindu communities and the University underscores a mutual commitment to educating current and future generations of students about the principles of nonviolence, dharma (virtue, duty), justice, pluralist philosophy, the interconnectedness of all beings and care for the environment through Hindu-Jain texts, philosophies and traditions.

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