For several Theatre and Dance majors, Fresno State is only the beginning

Cecilia Fisher adding gold paint to a prop bell. She is wearing a. blue shirt.

Fresno State’s Department of Theatre and Dance takes pride in its talented and dedicated students, who consistently demonstrate exceptional skills and passion for their craft. These graduates are eager to continue their artistic development and expand their knowledge through advanced studies.

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Featured Supporter: Katelyn Spencer

Katelyn Spencer in the Fresno State Peace Garden

“I love knowing that I am supporting the endeavors of our current students, especially for those who may be struggling to stay in college due to costs.”

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A Rising Recent Grad

Fresno State alumna Gina Avalos sets up her shot for KSBY-TV.

Avalos graduated from Fresno State in May with a degree in media, communications and journalism. The final two months of her college experience were flipped upside down by the COVID-19 pandemic, as her classes shifted to virtual instruction.

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