Student of Distinction: Sunshine De Castro

Student of Distinction - Sunshine De Castro

Sunshine De Castro is graduating with a B.A. in theatre arts design/technology and is the Dean’s Medal nominee and Standard Bearer for the Department of Theatre and Dance.

“Sunshine De Castro is a force to be reckoned with,” said Liz Crifasi. “I see more potential for professional excellence in theatrical lighting design, her chosen field, than I have seen in any other student who has passed through our program during my years here. What sets her apart is excellence in all of the core skills of design: intellectual, creative and technical.” 

De Castro was born and raised in the Philippines before moving to the United States. She was admitted into the Smittcamp Family Honors College and has received numerous scholarships, awards and grants. At Fresno State, she has been a lighting designer and electrician across the Central Valley and New Mexico.

In addition to designing lighting, De Castro is an accomplished actor who has performed for University Theatre and the Theatre for Young Audiences Tour. She is a strong leader amongst her peers and acted as a stage manager, and is currently the chair of The Experimental Theatre Company.

“Sunshine is a well-rounded and gifted student. She is generous and kind and a leader amongst her peers. She is humble and unassuming. She is admired by those who have worked with her and is an excellent collaborator,” said Crifasi.

De Castro is Department Student Representative, liaising with students and faculty. This semester, she serves as the company manager for the Theatre for Young Audiences Tour, a children’s theatre production that tours across the Central Valley, bringing theatre to kids who might not usually have access to it. She was also hired at the Santa Fe Opera, one of the country’s largest opera institutions. Following graduation, she hopes to intern at a big industry house to continue her work on representation in lighting design and new play development.

“As I enter the entertainment industry as an early career professional, I am committed to emphasizing diversity and inclusion in my work. I strive to be a voice to move the entertainment industry forward to include the perspectives and stories of many.”

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  1. Congratulations Sunshine! We are super proud of you and excited about what lies ahead! Keep up the good work and keep reaching for your highest potential!God bless. We love you always.


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