Bulldog Marching Band to present at the College Band Directors National Assoc. conference

Two Bulldog Marching Band trumpet players are seen in front with colorguard in the background during the 2023 Rose Parade.

The Fresno State Bulldog Marching Band has been selected to present a performance video at the prestigious College Band Directors National Association (CBDNA) National Conference in Athens, GA. Being selected to present at the conference is a significant achievement in the world of college marching bands and showcases the Bulldog Marching Band as one of the best in the nation. 

“This was a juried selection process with a committee panel of 11 members that included college band directors from every conference reviewing the materials and selecting who they thought the best performing groups were,” said Steven McKeithen, director of the Bulldog Marching Band. “It is a huge honor in my profession and affirms the high quality of what we do.”

This opportunity provides the band with a platform to showcase their skills and achievements on a national stage and is sure to be an unforgettable experience for the members of the band and their supporters. McKeithen said the honor is a testament to the band member’s hard work, talent, and dedication.

“We have a great culture in our program of striving to balance fun with the work that goes into having a high standard. It is our student’s willingness to work hard in preparation that allows them the freedom to be performers under pressure as they have to memorize the music and the movement with complete confidence.”

McKeithen lauded the support he has received from the university, the College of Arts and Humanities and the community. 

“Also, I am enormously thankful for the support we receive from our Department Chairs, Dr. Darling and Dr. Froelich, from our Deans, Dr. Chapman and Dr. Porta, from our Provost, Dr. Fu, and from our wonderful President, Dr. Jiménez-Sandoval. I also want to thank our governing body, the BMB Band Council and our non-profit support group, the Friends of the BMB. We are fortunate to have so many passionate advocates!”

This honor comes just weeks after the Bulldog Marching Band performed in the 2023 Rose Parade.


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