Samuel A. Montgomery, Department of Music Student of Distinction

Samuel A. Montgomery, Department of Music Student of Distinction

Samuel A. Montgomery loves seeing the impact music has on people and being a composer and performer, he says, is an extraordinary opportunity.

“Expression through music has always been important to me. Expression through art is just part of who I am,” said Montgomery.  

A music composition major, Montgomery has been actively engaged in the Department of Music since arriving at Fresno State in 2017.  He has consistently demonstrated a high level of academic achievement with a 4.0 GPA and has been recognized for his musical accomplishments through numerous awards and scholarships.  

The upcoming premiere of Montgomery’s orchestral work, “Nor Heights, Nor Depths,” in May is the latest in a long list of music he has composed. Last year, he received the People’s Choice Award in the Fresno State Art Song Composition Competition.

“Samuel is only beginning to explore the vast potential of his compositional ability,” said Dr. Kenneth Froelich, professor. “He is on the precipice of making a remarkable leap in his output, which…should open many doors within the profession.”  

Montgomery has demonstrated exceptional leadership skills through his mentorship of peers, work in student clubs and organizations, and the community. He currently serves as president of the Composers’ Guild, a Fresno State student organization.

“Under his leadership, attendance and membership have dramatically increased,”  remarked Dr. Benjamin Boone, professor. “At last Friday’s meeting, I counted about 18 students in attendance! A few years ago, we were lucky to get six.”

Montgomery was also a founding member of the Blended Arts Club, where he served as vice-president and is a member of the Fresno State New Music Club. He was the recipient of the Margaret and Jacob Kavoian Scholarship and the Department of Music Scholarship. He has consistently been on the President’s List during his time at Fresno State.

Montgomery plans to take a year off while he explores potential graduate programs around the country. In the meantime, he will continue his work in the community, writing grants to fund music projects and groups.

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