Andrea Marin Contreras, Department of Media, Communications and Journalism Student of Distinction

Andrea Marin Contreras, Department of Media, Communications and Journalism Student of Distinction

A prolific storyteller, Andrea Marin Contreras is already a published journalist and poet. She has written several stories for The Collegian, The Hanford Sentinel and has published poetry in four literary journals in the past four years — all while maintaining a 4.0 GPA in the Media, Communications and Journalism program.

“She seeks to tell stories that hold value for the world around her,” said Professor Aaron Schuelke, who has taught Andrea for two semesters. “The caliber of her work has consistently been excellent. She is an avid learner who engages actively with course content and seeks to apply it to bettering her own skills in whatever medium she may be working.”

Having spent the first 16 years of her life in Mexico City, Marin moved to California where she went to high school during the day and adult school at night in order to be at the same level as her classmates. Her determination paid off. Not only did she reach the same level as her classmates, but she graduated from Riverdale High School with honors. She went on to West Hills College and received an Associates Degree in Liberal Arts and Humanities with a 4.0 GPA. 

“Without experiencing pain and poverty when my family immigrated to the United States, I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish everything that I have done so far. The incredible support system I have—my teachers and family—motivates me to keep striving,” said Marin.

Marin was a volunteer at the Fresno County Public Library, Riverdale branch for two years. She is currently a freelance journalist with the Hanford Sentinel and curates the Valley Harvest weekly newsletter as a communications intern for the Fresno State Office of Community and Economic Development Center.

“She arrived in this country as an English learner and now informs her readers with an incredible mastery of the language,” said Jim Boren, executive director of the Institute for Media and Public Trust.

While Marin is looking forward to a career in Journalism, she is also an accomplished poet and hopes to also be a novelist. She has applied to the Fresno State MFA Creative Writing program.

“There are a thousand stories to tell and I want my writing to be the voice of those who have been oppressed,” said Marin.

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