VIDEO: Linguistics students learn to ‘Act Like a Teacher’

Act Like a Teacher - Former Linguistics 171 student, Jeanette Yeboah-Amoako, teaches a class in her new job at the American English Institute.

The transition from being a student to being a teacher can be challenging. While they have been learning from teachers most of their lives, many have not had the experience of teaching lessons and managing a classroom. For students learning to teach English as a second language, it can be especially challenging as body language plays an essential role in communicating with students.

In a traditional practicum course, students intern in an actual classroom to observe and teach while attending a class where they learn the theories behind teaching.

Developed by Cheryl Chan, former director of the American English Institute (AEI) at Fresno State, and Dr. Jaydene Elvin, assistant professor of Linguistics, the “Act Like a Teacher” method goes beyond the theory and coaches students by using theater and acting techniques. As the students do their practicum work, they are also trained to MOVE like a teacher through effective use of body language, movement, and spatial awareness; to SPEAK like a teacher through voice control, quality, and projection; and to THINK like a teacher through improvisation and classroom management.  

In the end, the students are taught to ACT LIKE A TEACHER!

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