20-year-old advertising student earns bachelor’s degree in three years

Kylie Bell

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For most students, getting a bachelor’s degree in four years is a challenge that requires careful planning. When Kylie Bell started at Fresno State, she set a goal of graduating in three and a half years. However, even that wasn’t fast enough.

“Last year I saw how much I had left and then chose to take the two summer classes to be able to graduate in three,” Bell said. “I started in fall 2016.”

On May 18, Bell, 20, received her bachelor’s degree in media, communications and journalism with an advertising option.

While completing her degree in record time, Bell excelled in her coursework — making the dean’s or president’s list in all but one semester. She worked a 24-hour per week job as a communications specialist at Riverpark Bible Church and has been the president of the on-campus advertising club Alpha Delta Sigma the past two years. During her final semester, in which she carried a massive 23-units, she also planned her wedding and got married.

“Kylie’s academic accomplishments are impressive, especially when considering the demanding courses she completed while keeping an active presence in Alpha Delta Sigma, and keeping a part-time job,” said Dr. Saul Jimenez, dean of the College of Arts and Humanities. “We’re proud she’s graduating in three years with such high accomplishments.”

So how did she do it?

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