Primavera Leal Martinez, Dean’s Medalist

Primavera Leal Martinez

In her pursuit of excellence, Primavera Leal Martinez has raised the bar of what is possible in an academic environment. As an English major, Martinez has has authored eight articles, and presented at eight conferences.

Primavera’s accomplishments in the realm of university and community service are staggering in both scope and consistency. Her impressive four-page, tightly bulleted resume does not include them all. A very brief list of her student leadership roles and university service includes ASI Vice President of External Affairs, student voting member on the Academic Senate, student representative on the Student Success Summit Planning Committee, and College Ambassador for the College of Arts and Humanities. Some highlights of her community service include counselor for Camp Kesem, debate coach for children in underrepresented neighborhoods, and Lead Volunteer at Artes Americas.

“Primavera is a sharp, intelligent, community builder and activist. Her keen ability to hone in on crucial issues, her exceptional powers of communication, debate, and persuasion, and her open heart are a rare blend,” said Dr. Steve Adisasmito-Smith, Fresno State English Dept. faculty. “With her energy and intensity, Ms. Leal-Martinez will blaze a path in this world, and she will contribute to the uplift of entire communities through her work.”

That work often overlaps in both the university and the community, as in her advocacy for DACA students and migrant workers. She employs her formidable talent in Policy Debate to serve the under-served and under-heard; in the process, she has won national awards for Fresno State. As this very partial list of Primavera’s service record indicates, she has been representing our college and our university tirelessly and most capably throughout her years at Fresno State.

“Primavera has had amazing competitive success in Policy Debate over the past three years that she has represented Fresno State at tournaments around the nation. She has won over 25 first, second, or third place awards in tournaments and over 30 speaker awards,” said Tom Boroujeni, Faculty Director of Debate, Department of Communication. “However, the most impressive award that she received is the All American Debater award given to her last year by the governing body of debate.”

Primavera Leal Martinez

Martinez has always been committed to law school. But for her, a law degree is not enough. She first wants a Master’s degree in Communication because she understands that advocating for the underrepresented, which remains her ultimate goal, demands not only legal expertise but a strong voice.

“She is more than just smart; she is intuitive, dedicated, and focused in her pursuits. Her endless curiosity, combined with her tenacity for problem-solving, leadership abilities, and communication skills, lead me to believe there will be no limit to her growth and achievements,” said Lynnette Zelezny, Ph.D., M.B.A., President of California State University, Bakersfield.

Five graduate programs are currently courting Martinez for her mastery at Policy Debate and her coaching skills.

Martinez leaves a lasting impression on faculty, administrators, peers, and individuals in the community who have witnessed her drive, her vision, and her extraordinary capacity to give.

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