Students, alumni and faculty reflect on their time in London

In February, dozens of London program students, alumni and faculty met at the Elbow Room in Fresno to meet old friends and reminisce about their experiences. Here are some of those memories.

Susana Sosa

Fresno State Alumnus
1984 London Semester

“I was on the first program that went in 1984… it was a life-defining experience for me.”

Linnea Alexander

English Professor Emeritus, MFA Student, AHAB Board Member

“I watch it changes their lives.”

Katrina Bissett

Student of Music Performance and Religious Studies
2017/2018 London Program

“Things that I normally don’t study… like visual art and war histories. And it opened me up to, not just the history of music and the history of philosophy, but of the actual real events that shaped the way art and thinking went.”

Paul Schlesinger

2016 London Program

“It made me realize that I should be asking more of myself — to not settle. I think that is something every person should experience — to be shaken up… to realize there’s more to you and you even knew.”

Joyce Aiken

Art Professor Emeritus, AHAB Board Member

“One of the things that is so important is how it opened up doors for students who had never traveled before. It changed the way they looked at the world. They became much more global in their thinking.”

Lisa Flores

1984 London Semester

“The five months really changed my life. It taught me that the big-bad world out there isn’t that big and isn’t that bad and it’s manageable.”

Simrit Dhindsa

Student of Bio Chemistry
2018/2019 London Program

“Everything is an experience and I reflect on it now.”

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