Study abroad on the island of Mallorca in Spain

MAY 20-31, 2019
AH 105 (3 UNITS, GE IC)

This study abroad experience with Dr. Chapman and Dr. Skuban will take you to Mallorca, Spain, after meeting several times on campus. We shall encounter the beauty of this Mediterranean island with settlements and archaeological sites stretching back millennia (including Roman Pollentia). We shall analyze the architecture (including the majestic cathedral on the waterfront of Palma) and art (e.g., Joan Miró), and study the confluence of the Muslim, Jewish, and Christian cultures there.

Valldemossa, Sóller, and Deià are other destinations on the island, and there will also be a trip to see Petra, the birthplace of Junipero Serra; from this new perspective, we will consider the impact of Spain on the New World, including California.

We shall also meet with Palma’s head archivist and hopefully the son of the author Robert Graves, too, studying the literature, art, and music that Mallorca has inspired.

$150 non-refundable deposit holds your spot in the program
$3,000 approximate program cost + $75 international insurance
$1,000 IRA Award to first 15 students who qualify

Contact Gail Freeman in the College of Arts and Humanities Dean’s office at (559) 278-3056 or for more information.

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