Barking Bulldogs finish fall semester with big success at CSU Northridge

Barking Bulldogs

The Fresno State Barking Bulldogs wrapped up their Fall 2018 season with an excellent team performance at CSU Northridge on Nov. 2 through 4, with the Bulldogs placing third overall in the policy debate sweepstakes. Sweepstakes awards are an important team milestone because they are based on the performance of every Fresno State debater at the competition.

Primavera Leal Martinez and Aranveer Litt reached semifinals in open debate.  In addition, Leal Martinez was the second-placed speaker in the division and Litt placed eighth. Aaron Lowe and Nick Mirza also represented Fresno State in open division.    

The Barking Bulldogs welcomed four new participants to intercollegiate debate at this tournament: Cameron Ervin, Elizabeth Rocha Zuñiga, Rachel Lewis, and Scott Chapman.  The team of Ervin and Chapman advanced to the final round and placed second in novice debate. Zuñiga and Lewis won two debates at their first competition.  Raul Villar rounded out Fresno State’s entry in novice debate.

Chandler Morrison represented Fresno State for the first time in novice persuasive speaking, and Drew Oakes competed in open persuasive speaking for the Bulldogs.

Director of Forensics Doug Fraleigh lauded the quality coaching that Director of Debate Tom Boroujeni and Student Coach Julio Lopez provided both before and during the tournament.

The Northridge tournament wraps up an excellent fall semester for the Barking Bulldogs.  Sixteen students represented Fresno State in intercollegiate competitions, with nine students earning at least one award.  Bulldog debate teams had three first-place, two second-place, and two semifinalist finishes.  The Bulldogs placed 3rd in persuasive speaking twice.

The Barking Bulldogs begin spring competitions with tournaments at USC (January 3-5) and CSU Fullerton (January 7-9).

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