~ This story was republished from The Collegian

By Seth Casey

Fresno State hosted guest speaker Dr. Clint Curle, senior advisor to the president at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, for the opening reception of the Genocides of the 20th Century exhibit on Sept. 6.

Following a reception of appetizers, refreshments and conversation, the evening began with an introduction from Deborah Sinclair, the Memorial De La Shoah museum’s head of touring exhibitions in North America.

Sinclair briefly discussed the origins of the term genocide, and the purpose and importance of learning about and comparing historic atrocities.

“Comparing genocides makes it possible to understand their common elements and differences, leading to a better understanding of the mechanisms of the crimes,” Sinclair said. “That is already the first step to prevention.”

Sinclair then introduced Curle, who also began by stating the importance of the discussion.

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