Orff and Kodaly 101 intro workshop running July 16-20

Orff and Kodaly 101: An Introductory Workshop July 16-20 Fresno State Discovery, Diversity, Distinction

Dr. Emily Mason, assistant professor of the Department of Music and director for University Singers at Fresno State, will be holding a week-long summer workshop from 9 a.m. to noon July 16-20.

The workshop, open to public school music teachers, will entail an introduction to the teaching pedagogies known as the Kodaly Method and the Orff-Schulwerk Approach, which are commonly used in the elementary level music setting.

This is the first that a program of this kind has been offered in the Music Department in more than a decade. Mason, whose expertise is in elementary general music, hopes to launch a certification program in one of these teaching pedagogies in the next year.

“It has been my mission since I was hired in fall of 2015 to get one of these programs going again and this summer course will, I hope, be the relaunch,” said Mason.

The Kodaly Method and Orff-Schulwerk Approach are child-centered teaching approaches that aim to awaken the inner musician in every child and inspire lifelong learning in music. The Orff Approach, in particular, uses specific types of barred instruments, such as xylophones and metallophones, as well as non-pitched percussion instruments that will be explored in the workshop.

This is a great opportunity for the Music Department to work with the outer community by allowing public school music teachers to expand their knowledge and teaching practices.

Mason explained, “Many of our area teachers are not familiar with these teaching pedagogies, so this is a great opportunity for them to learn.”

The activities of the program will include sequential planning for music concept development, arranging for the Orff instrumentarium, discovering resources for the classroom and structuring a year-long curriculum for the K-6 grade music classroom.

“This workshop will be very hands-on, experiential and participants can expect to be immersed in singing, playing, moving, creating and composing,” said Mason.

Participants of the workshop will also have the opportunity to work with Orff instruments to further their knowledge and understanding of these teaching methods.

INFO: Dr. Emily Mason, emason@csufresno.edu.

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