This month in the Arts and Humanities — May’s Top 5

May's Top 5 Fresno State College of Arts and Humanities

May's Top 5

We reflect on the exciting events this month in the College of Arts and Humanities. Here are the top five stories from the month of May.

Arts and Humanities student excels in France while completing his degree

See how MCLL undergraduate student of distinction, Leslie Hille, has succeeded during his time studying abroad in France. Hille’s academic accomplishments highlight the opportunities for international endeavors available to students interested in expanding their travel and study repertoire.

Dr. Vadim Keyser brings area of study new to Fresno State

Read about one of the Philosophy Department’s newest professors, Dr. Vadim Keyser, creating positive influence in the department. His teaching engages students in innovative areas of study that intertwine philosophy with science and art, among other fields.  

Fresno State Wind Orchestra took its show on the road

60 Fresno State student musicians performed in the College Band Directors National Association Western/Northwestern Division Conference on March 22 at Sonoma State University. Only nine bands — including the Fresno State Wind Orchestra — from the western third of the United States were chosen to perform and have the opportunity to attend various educational sessions at the conference.

Symposium embraces complexities of late alumnus, poet

Find out about the more than 30 published authors from around the country that gathered for a symposium honoring the life and work of Andrés Montoya, the late poet, educator and Fresno State alumnus. The two-day event included a keynote by Juan Felipe Herrera, U.S. Poet Laureate Emeritus, along with readings and panel discussions. Also, hear how Andrés’ brother, Maceo Montoya, reflected on the impact felt as a result of the symposium.  

Two new Communication professors expand department offerings

The Department of Communication brought in new faculty hires for the 2017-18 academic year, Dr. Robert B. Lull and Dr. Brian Cozen. Each professor furthers the depth of learning in the department through nontraditional areas of study with Lull’s teaching in science communication and Cozen’s teaching in environmental communication.


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The College of Arts and Humanities provides a diverse student population with the communication skills, humanistic values and cultural awareness that form the foundation of scholarship. The college offers intellectual and artistic programs that engage students and faculty and the community in collaboration, dialog and discovery. These programs help preserve, illuminate and nourish the arts and humanities for the campus and for the wider community.

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