~ Photo above, from left: Tom Boroujeni, Nick Mirza, Hunter Sansom, Primavera Martinez, Correll Vaughn and Quinten Levin

Last weekend, the Barking Bulldogs Debate Team attended the Golden Gates Debate Tournament at California State University, San Francisco and had a  very strong showing.

Primavera Martinez and Hunter Sansom won five out of their six preliminary rounds and cleared into the elimination rounds.  They defeated the University of Nevada, Las Vegas in the semifinals and advanced to the final round.

Martinez and Sansom lost on a 2-1 decision against Chabot College in the final round, taking second place in the tournament. Martinez received the fourthplace speaker award andSansom received the eighth-place speaker award.

Correll Vaughn and Nick Mirza attended their first debate tournament and won four of their six preliminary rounds.  The missed the elimination rounds by less than a tenth of a speaker point, an impressive achievement for first-time debaters, said coach Tom Boroujeni.  Vaughn received the 10th-place speaker award.  “They are well on their way to do great in future tournaments,” Boroujeni said.

Boroujeni thanked the Department of Communication, the College of Arts and Humanities and Associated Students Inc. for their help with funding the team, and he gave a special thanks to Quinten Levin for his invaluable help in coaching at this tournament.