‘Girl Friday’ Julie Logan becomes ‘Media Mom’

Graphic for article about Julie Logan

~ By Marisa Mata, student writer for the Fresno State Alumni Association, reprinted from the Alumni Newsletter 

After working in commercial radio for over 30 years, Julie Logan has recently returned to Fresno State to be station manager for 90.7 KFSR, the campus radio station.

“During my career in commercial radio, I always dreamed of returning to KFSR to use my professional experience to give back to the students, the station and to Fresno State,” said Logan, who graduated in 1985. “It’s a privilege to be back at my alma mater, and I am so excited to grow the station.”

Logan became interested in radio broadcasting in 1983, after working with a local station for Vintage Days. She began taking broadcasting courses and later declared it as her major. In 1984 Logan began her on-air program at KFSR as “Girl Friday” and continued through 1987.

“My claim to fame was pushing through the station’s power increase in 1987 to its current 2,600 watts. When KFSR began broadcasting in 1982, it was with limited power (250 watts) that allowed its broadcast to reach the Fresno State campus and some of the Fresno/Clovis area. To improve the station’s local market coverage, KFSR had to apply to the FCC for a power increase (a long and complicated process) and upgrade its broadcast equipment to accommodate higher power. In 1987, KFSR received permission from the FCC and increased its power to 2,600 watts. That power increase expanded the station’s broadcast reach to the entire Fresno/Clovis area.”

After leaving KFSR in 1987, Logan worked for nine stations in Fresno, including The Edge and Star 101, as on-air talent and director of music, promotions, productions and public affairs before doing radio broadcasting in northern California for 10 years.

She returned to Fresno in 2008, and worked for Y101 before returning to KFSR in 2013. She became the station manager at KFSR in August 2016.

“Not only do I get to do what I love; I get to work with remarkable students, faculty, staff, volunteers and administrators. It’s an amazing time to be at Fresno State!”

KFSR has news and public affairs programming that “invites innovative thinkers, creative professionals and those passionate about the arts and culture in the San Joaquin Valley to tune in for diverse, thought-provoking and high-quality programming.” It “showcases student, faculty, staff and community stories,” and includes many specialty music shows, with most of its air time dedicated to jazz.

“When I served as KFSR’s student station manager, KFSR had begun providing students with radio broadcasting experience and was dedicated to being a source for world-class jazz. As I currently serve as KFSR’s station manager, I’m so proud of KFSR’s 35-year legacy jazz music format. It is unbelievably rare for a radio station to provide the same music programming for the duration of its broadcast history, and it is now recognized as a leader in jazz radio. I’m also happy to report that KFSR has expanded its opportunities for students by providing professional radio experience and remarkable industry access.”

“Being able to give back and mentor students is one of the most rewarding parts of my job. My experience in the industry allows me to give them a good idea of what different aspects of the industry requires. I can help guide them in one direction or another, depending upon their interest, capabilities and career expectations. And then I can help provide them with the skills they need to become successful. I’ve earned the nickname ‘Media Mom’ with several of the students who have made their way through KFSR. That’s pretty cool too.”

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