CSU students and non-students alike will come together this summer to take intensive two-week courses in the discipline of their choice at Fresno State. Application deadlines for Summer Arts are as soon as May 1.

This year, Summer Arts will offer 20 different courses in creative writing, theatre, dance, visual art and design, media and animation, and music. There will also be two unique opportunities to study abroad – La Guitarra Española in Grenada, Spain, and Acting Irish Theatre in Dublin, Ireland.

“It isn’t often that students and the general public alike get access to so many world-class artists in one place,” said Rachel Nardo, director of Summer Arts. “Summer Arts is a truly transformative experience for students. They can work side-by-side with leading professionals in their fields. The general public, in turn, will get low-cost access to performances, exhibitions, and lectures from the visiting guest artists.”

What makes these classes so different? Students work side-by-side with industry professionals at the tops of their careers. People like Dale Hikawa Silverman, one of the original members of the Los Angeles Philharmonic New Music Group, and high-profile industry animators from the Nimble Collective are just a few of the talented guest artists students will have the opportunity to work with.

With all of this being said, what do the Fresno State students get out of this experience?

  • Study on the Fresno State campus alongside top professionals in their fields
  • 3-6 units of transferable credit – each course is worth three credits.
    • If you are a California resident, you may take a second Summer Arts course (up to six units) with no additional enrollment fee.
  • A truly transformative experience you really can’t get anywhere else.
  • CSU Summer Arts scholarships are available to cover part or all of a student’s enrollment fees.

To see the full course listing for this year’s offerings, visit the Summer Arts website.