The Fresno State Ethics Center is collaborating with Fresno Pacific University to present a two-day discussion of vices and virtues such as vainglory and humility from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. March 22 and 23 at Fresno Pacific University in North Hall 123 (the Seminary Chapel).

The event will provide a conversation at the intersection of theology and philosophy, featuring speakers Dr. Rebecca DeYoung (Calvin College), Dr. Kent Dunnington (Biola University) and Dr. Andrew Fiala, chair of the Fresno State Department of Philosophy.

There will be a live stream of the event, which can also be viewed after the event concludes. To view the Philosophy Lecture Series in the Fresno Pacific live streaming portal:

  • Go to edu/live
  • Select either the “Live” tab (for live events) or the “On Demand” tab (if the event has concluded).
  • Scroll to find the original date and event listing (March 22-23, 2017)
  • Click the TV icon under the “WATCH/LISTEN/STATS” heading

Details are available by contacting Nathan Carson at Fresno Pacific University at