Fresno State’s Philip Lorenz Memorial Keyboard Concerts presents pianist Vinia Tsopelas, who will perform works by Chopin, Liszt, Schuber/Liszt, De Falla and Hadjidakis at 8 p.m. Friday, Nov. 18.

The concert, a special event in the Lorenz Keyboard Concert Series, will be at the Fresno State Concert Hall in the Music Building. Born in Athens and currently a Professor of Piano at the University of Macedonia in Thessaloniki, Vinia Tsopelas is widely regarded as one of Greece’s leading musical figures.

General admission is $25, $18 for seniors and $5 for students. Parking is available in Lot P1 (corner of Maple and Shaw avenues). For tickets: 559.278.2337 or go to Special Events. INFO: 559.278.2337.