Auditions for this year’s Theatre for Young Audiences are from 3-5 p.m. today and tomorrow, Oct. 25 and 26, in the John Wright Theatre. Auditions open to everyone.

Theatre for Young Audiences has been a tradition at Fresno State for more than 50 years. Each spring, Fresno State students enroll in a course to bring children’s theatre productions to elementary and middle schools throughout the San Joaquin Valley. Theatre for Young Audiences tours more than 40 schools and reaches over 16,000 children each year.

This year, Theatre for Young Audiences will present “Dogbrain,” a story about a boy who gets into hot water when he invents a non-existent creature called Dogbrain to blame for his bad behavior.

When Dogbrain materializes (visible only to Nicholas) adventure ensues, teaching the boy that he has both bad and good within him, as well as the power to keep both under control.

About the auditions:
Participants will be asked to do cold-readings from the script.
They will be led through a physical/movement exercise by the director.
They may also so be asked to participate in an improvisation.