~ By Annabelle Lolinco

Several students have revived the Communication Club, formerly known as Professional Communication Association, this school year. The club’s purpose is to provide students with a venue to explore the study of communication and how the discipline can be a versatile and practical tool for benefiting academia, professional work and  more.

The next meeting is from noon to 1 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 21, in North Gym Room 158. Meetings will be held every other week.

Restarted by a few undergraduates along with faculty advisor Dr. Shane Moreman, the club welcomes any and all majors, including Fresno State alumni. The diversity of communication students is quite broad. One earlier recruit is studying communication in order to utilize the theories for agricultural businesses. Another member commented on how applicable persuasive communication tactics are in his line of work.

From intercultural ethnographic studies to sports commentary to quantitative measures of learning environments, there is something for everyone. The club aims to bring students together to enhance the dialogue about communication’s utility, including interaction with both faculty and alumni on their success.

If students are considering communication as a degree (fresnostate.edu/artshum/communication/), or as an addition to their own major(s), this club would be the place to explore that. Joining the club entails completing a form and paying a small fee, which goes toward club-related activities. Email any questions to fscommclub@gmail.com, or follow the club’s news on  Facebook, Twitter or  Instagram.

Current officers:

  • Christy Xiong, President
  • Sarai Sanchez, Vice President
  • Emily Roth, Treasurer
  • Anna Allen, Secretary
  • Annabelle Lolinco, Activities Coordinator