Anthony P. Radford (fresnostate.edu/artshum/music/faculty-staff/anthonyradford.html), director of the Fresno State Opera Theatre (fresnostate.edu/artshum/music/ensembles/minor/operatheatre.html), has been exploring American opera in its many forms. This month he saw and reviewed the Chinese-American production “Dream of the Red Chamber,” which had its world premiere at the San Francisco Opera on Sept. 10. The review is published on the National Opera Association website (noa.org/).

“Tim Yip’s production here deserves first mention,” Radford wrote. “The set is exquisite, stunning and other-worldly. It is a feast for the eyes, almost in constant motion, detailed and always impeccable.”

Photo credit: Cory Weaver, San Francisco Opera

Read the full review here (noa.org/2016/09/San-Francisco-Opera-presents-the-world-premiere-of-Dream-of-the-Red-Chamber.html).