Students smile and talk as they gather around the fountain at the center of campus.

Going back to school can always be a little overwhelming, especially if you’re just starting college (or moving to a new campus, in the case of transfer students). It’s a new, bigger pond (more like an ocean!) with a whole lot more fish!

We have a way to make that process more personal and to connect you with other students in your college, people who share your interests and who will travel this journey with you between now and graduation.

The College of Arts and Humanities (fresnostate.edu/artshum/) will hold the first-ever Convocation for new students in the College, at noon on Wednesday, Aug. 31, in Fresno State’s Satellite Student Union.

The CAH Convocation will be an opportunity for students in Arts and Humanities disciplines to meet key people in the College who they’ll have to know to successfully navigate their higher-education careers here at Fresno State.

“Our first annual CAH Convocation is the perfect opportunity to showcase our rich and dynamic fields of study and artistry,” said Dr. Saúl Jiménez-Sandoval, dean of the College of Arts and Humanities. “As artists and humanists, we are at the center of cultural production, development of individual self-empowerment and social accord.  It’s exciting to see our students come together, spend time with their professors and feel part of a college that is at the heart of the University.” 

You’ll be able to meet the deans, the head of your department (whose signature you might need at some point while you’re here), faculty members and fellow students. You’ll also be able to meet our counselors from the Arts and Humanities Advising and Support Center, (fresnostate.edu/artshum/advising-center.html) who can help you sort things out as you navigate through the right classes on your way to graduation.

Light refreshments will be served. Share your photos from the event on Instagram (instagram.com/fresnostatecah/), with the hashtag #CAHConvocation.

We are happy you are here, and we want you to succeed. We hope to see you at the Convocation on Aug. 31 so we can meet you in person!

~ By Lisa Maria Boyles