12489248_438562313005497_2942834897659990885_oMFA Creative Nonfiction graduate Rachel Starnes was interviewed on NPR’s Fresh Air by Terri Gross for her recently released memoir, “The War at Home: A Wife’s Search For Peace And Other Missions Impossible.” Her book grew out of Rachel’s MFA thesis.

Here is the Fresh Air intro to the interview: As the wife of a Navy fighter pilot, memoirist Rachel Starnes has had much of her life — including where she lives and how often she gets to live with her husband — determined by his career.

I’m coming to the decision that – you know, or the impression that maybe that’s not the way to look at it. Maybe I need to just really concentrate our time together when we do get it and not have that sense of, well, I’m waiting for when you’re going to be around more, and, you know, that’s when we’ll – that’s when our lives will start.

You can listen to or read the transcript of the interview here: http://www.npr.org/2016/07/13/485845608/the-war-at-home-recounts-the-tension-of-being-a-military-spouse