A Conversation on the Law, with Seema Iyer

The Philosophy Department’s pre-law program and Phi Alpha Delta pre-law fraternity will present an opportunity for pre-law students to ask questions of Seema Iyer, a criminal defense and civil rights attorney who hosts the weekly legal show “The Docket” on MSNBC.com. In several episodes of “The Docket,” Iyer evaluated evidence in the “Serial” murder case. Iyer […]

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New Faces: Philosophy Department

Meet the 2016 New Faces in Philosophy

We have two new faculty members who will both teach philosophy and contribute to our pre-law program. Philosophy of Law Professors Dr. Tina Botts and Dr. James Rocha will become the architects of a vibrant pre-law program that will capitalize on our potential to become the premier institution in the Valley that prepares students for law school. 

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