Peach Blossom returns to Fresno State after pandemic

Elementary School children practice for their Peach Blossom Performance.

This year’s 64th annual Peach Blossom Festival marked the beginning of a return to normalcy for students. This first post-Covid festival drew nearly 1,000 students, plus parents, chaperones, and spectators, to the Fresno State campus.

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Student of Distinction: Laura Trickett

Student of Distinction: Laura Trickett

“When I accidentally became a communication major, I thought I was signing up for four years of education. I didn’t know that it would lead to meeting amazing peers turned life-long friends, intentional professors turned life-long mentors, and a simple internship turned a life-long career.” 

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Student of Distinction: Lauryn Flores

Student of Distinction: Lauryn Flores

“As I prepare to complete my master’s degree and move on to law school, I have certainly seen the ways in which our words – our commitment to communication that uplifts and protects, create a more beautiful world for the people around us.”

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