Message from the Dean – Spring 2019

As I begin my transition to the Office of the Provost, I think deeply about the value of our College and our disciplines.

We are the proud heirs to an academic and artistic tradition that prides itself on promoting core values that reflect our vast potential: Maturity and flexibility of mind, dynamic exploration of our human relationships, and the creation of meaningful insight into a historical period. Within this tradition, communication is at the heart of all of our disciplines. We are masters of communication in artistic and literary ways — from video, dance, painting, and music to speeches, essays, books, and poetry.

As we celebrate our graduates this May, let’s be proud that they continue in this tradition. The power they have to communicate will make them the leaders in industry, high tech managerial jobs, social media communication, education, the artistic world, and our legal system. Indeed, while the nature of the workforce is changing dramatically, and while many skills will be increasingly automated, the skills our disciplines promote are the most in-demand in the labor market: Leadership, problem solving, and clear communication. Because this triad of skills and talents — inherent in the nature of our disciplines — is the core of every human interaction, the labor market (and the world) is thirsty for our graduates. Our artistic and humanistic achievements reflect agile and resilient thinkers who build strong bridges of communication. In teaching our students the gifts of communication and the love for lifelong learning, we directly complement today’s economy and its need for creativity, agility of mind, and innovation.

While I have highlighted the benefits our disciplines bring to today’s workforce, it is clear to me — now more than ever — that our disciplines are essential to our society. Though it is proven that they form natural bridges of understanding amongst all areas of study, I think that it is the art of communication that most enhances our relationships to ourselves and others. As communicators, we impact every sector of our University, and, in doing so, we empower every Fresno State graduate to be a creative and active member of our society.

I leave the College with a great sense of appreciation and pride. I’m proud of how we have come together to become more involved, dynamic agents of change in our university. I have a tremendous sense of admiration for our faculty, who invest the best of themselves in empowering our students to fulfill their potential. Thanks to our faculty, our students pursue careers that are gratifying for them and beneficial to our society and economy. Finally, our staff are true partners in our mission to educate students and promote a more equitable world through education, and I am truly appreciative for their patience and dedication.

I know that the future of our College is bright and promising because our power to communicate and to create will always be central to the endeavors and successes of our Fresno State community.