Message from the Dean – Summer/Fall 2019

Welcome to the College of Arts and Humanities!

We make news on a daily basis with our stellar students and faculty working together to create a more vibrant, educated, and economically dynamic San Joaquín Valley. If you check our calendar, you’ll see that there are events for people of all ages, backgrounds, and interests, as we seek to enrich the lives of everyone on campus and beyond.

Our disciplines host a panoply of activities each semester, ranging from art shows by students, faculty, and guest artists; theatrical productions with student performers; music played by students, faculty, and artists from around the world; and lectures on media, ethics, literature, history, art, and virtually all other aspects of human culture. Young audiences also enjoy our theatre, opera, Peach Blossom, and more. In October, we are particularly pleased to be hosting lectures and celebrations related to Gandhi’s 150th birthday.

There are other benefits to the gifts of our College besides the sheer enjoyment of attending and participating in all of these events. As our esteemed Spring 2019 College of Arts and Humanities Convocation speaker John Parrish Peede, Chairman of the National Endowment for the Humanities, explained to our graduates:

“As I travel around the country, I hear over and over from business leaders that they want employees who have the capacity to think for themselves and the ability to express their thoughts clearly and concisely. They want team members with historical understanding, critical reasoning, ethical decision-making skills. In short, they want colleagues grounded in the humanities. They want you.”

Like NEH Chairman Peede, all of us believe in the transformative power of an education in the arts and humanities, and we welcome you to learn more about what we do at Fresno State by perusing this blog and visiting us on campus.

Thank you for your interest and please join us at our next event!

—Interim Dean Honora Chapman