Find your inspiration! Online Conferences and Festivals for Students and faculty

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many festivals and conferences around the world have moved to an online format. This creates a unique opportunity for students and faculty to attend these events without the prohibitive cost of airfare, hotel and meals while attending these events. While most of the events require an entry fee, a few are free. All of the following events have been submitted* by College of Arts and Humanities faculty or administrators for the educational benefit and inspiration for students and other faculty.

*These events are posted for education purposes only. They are not endorsed, supported or affiliated with the College of Arts and Humanities or Fresno State. If you are a CAH faculty or administrator and would like to submit a festival or event for consideration, please email with the event name, dates and website.

San Francisco DocFest, Sept 3-20.
Toronto International Film Festival, Sept 10-19.
Frameline44 (LGBT film festival), Sept 17-27.
Frameline44 (LGBT film festival), Sept 17-27.
Vancouver International Film Festival, Sept 24 - Oct 7.
Ottowa International Animation Festival, Sept 23- Oct 4.
Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival, Sept 24-Oct 31.
AFI Latin American Film Festival, Sept 25-Oct 7.
Asian American International Film Festival. Oct 1-11.
Inside Out (LGBT film festival), Oct 1-11.
Coalition of South Asian Film Festivals (a group of prominent festivals have come together to
form an online program) Oct 3-17.