Maximize the impact of your gift to the Dean’s Council

Cathleen Fagundes

~ Photo above, from left, Dean Saúl Jiménez-Sandoval, Associate Dean Honora Chapman and undergraduate Dean’s Medalist Cathleen Fagundes at the Arts in Motion event on April 29.  Fresno State has a bold vision to elevate Central California and become a region known for creativity, arts and culture. That vision begins with empowering our talented College […]

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Transform lives in the College of Arts and Humanities

The College of Arts and Humanities is fundamental to the University and to our greater community. Every student at the University comes through our College to complete their general education requirements. With 150 full-time faculty members, the College of Arts and Humanities serves more than 8,000 students, representing a third of Fresno State’s student population. The […]

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