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A Message from Dr. Saúl Jiménez-Sandoval
From left, President Joseph I. Castro, Thomas Loewenheim and Provost Lynnette Zelezny.

Fall 2016

Dear Fellow Artists, Humanists, Colleagues, and Friends,

Every facet of our lives is permeated by the transformative power of the arts and the humanities – songs we hum, logos that catch our eye, paintings that draw us in, books that provide us with a deeper understanding of ourselves and our world.

Given the fundamental impact our disciplines have on the development of thought and inquiry, artists and humanists enhance and sharpen the critical thinking skills and creative processes of every individual on our planet, regardless their field of study or profession.

In the Central Valley, Fresno State’s College of Arts and Humanities is unique in its high quality of artistic and humanistic production, as well as its profound impact on the community.  Through this biannual e-magazine, my hope is to share a fraction of the myriad activities that characterize the singular vitality of our College.

Our feature story incorporates alumni success stories that manifest the importance of our disciplines in the workplace.  The power of expression and communication, a fundamental element in every human endeavor, is at the root of these alumni stories.  In the top stories from this semester, moreover, I’m excited to report that each department has provided enriching experiences for our students and community.

Our future looks bright and full of hope:  Summer Arts is returning to our College in Summer 2017, bringing exciting, world-class performances that unify our community in the joy of art.  Our 14 new professors hired this year are artists and scholars from top universities, and their expertise will enhance our teaching and direct our College to new and exciting avenues of learning and research.

As we continue our direct and engaged way of communicating with our students, I’m confident that we’ll maintain our momentum of student success: our graduation rates are among the highest at the University.  Also, our first Arts and Humanities Student Convocation gave Associate Dean Chapman and me the opportunity to meet students from every major in our College; our convocation was so successful that we recruited our first group of Arts and Humanities Student Ambassadors, bright and talented students who represent the College at various functions of the University.

Our alumni and friends have always been instrumental to the success of our students and programs, as it is through your support that we’re emboldened to create art and envision a prosperous society guided by the virtues of justice and honesty.  Indeed, the Arts and Humanities Advisory Board has been integral to our success, and now more than ever its active members are focused on raising the profile of our College in the community.

Likewise, the support from President Joseph I. Castro and Provost Lynnette Zelezny has been unparalleled – their vision sustains our combined efforts that elevate the quality of life in our Valley with the exceptional benefits that our disciplines promote.  Imagine how wonderful it will be when we have a performing arts center that will showcase the full creative spectrum of our artistic productions!

Join me in celebrating our creative gifts by supporting our disciplines.

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