A lasting legacy for the London Program

The opportunity to study abroad is one of the most transformative experiences a student can have during their educational journey.  Many Fresno State students have never traveled outside of the Central Valley, let alone to another country. Traveling abroad can help them discover themselves as they discover a new part of the world.

“It gave me a better sense of what home is — that a big part of it is something I carry within myself, allowing me to connect with new people and places. It’s something I create in my writing. And it’s something I want to share with others, both in and out of Fresno.”

~ Marisa Mata, an English major and 2018 London Program alum

The College of Arts and Humanities’ London Program, the first study abroad program at Fresno State, has been broadening the horizons of students since 1984. In that time, more than 1,250 students from all across the campus have experienced the life-changing opportunity of studying in London.

“Most students have never been outside the United States and are ready to begin a lifetime of overseas travel when they return,” said Gail Freeman, director of the London Program. “I’ve seen students return to London after graduation to pursue a career in theatre or music or just find a job in their field because of their love of the city. Lifelong friendships are formed during that time.”

Unfortunately for many students, the costs associated with traveling keep them from seeing the program as a goal within their reach. Or they cannot afford to be away from a job during the three-week program.

Your support of the London Program will not only help current students but also guarantee future generations of Fresno State students will have the opportunity to experience all that London has to offer.

Please consider supporting the College of Arts and Humanities London Program. To support this project, visit www.fresnostate.edu/givenow, select “Other” as the gift designation, and type “London Program.”