Genocide survivor teaches lessons from the holocaust

Amila with family Bosnia

“As we finally crossed the border into Germany, the bus stopped. People got out and ran to a nearby grocery store to buy something to eat,” Becirbegovic said.  “We were starving, but didn’t have any money left.” 

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‘Pup Culture’ website entertains while students learn

Pup culture featured

The Bulldog Pup Culture website is Fresno State students’ take on everything pop culture. Created by Munro’s fall 2021 Digital Editing class (MCJ 104), students decided the theme and the coverage to be mainly focused on music, fashion, video games, movies/streaming, health and campus life. 

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Philip Lorenz International Keyboard Concert Series celebrates 50 years

Jack Mitchener

“The unique experience of watching a master perform live music is transformational: One feels the vibrations, feels the emotion and hears the vital energy of life, flowing from the heart through the fingertips,” Fresno State President Saúl Jiménez-Sandoval said. “For 50 years, the Philip Lorenz International Keyboard Concert Series has brought us this gift that elevates and revitalizes the soul. Fresno State is honored to host this community and international treasure.”

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Violin and Viola Festival culminates in a Gala Concert

Violin player

Violinist  Timothy Kantor, violist Kate Hamilton and violinist Gina Coletti will join Fresno State faculty cellist Dr. Thomas Loewenheim, violinist Dr. Limor Toren-Immerman with accompaniment by Drew Quiring for the tenth annual Fresno State Violin and Viola Festival Gala Concert held at 8 p.m., Saturday, April 23 in the Concert Hall. 

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