Student of Distinction: Laura Trickett

Student of Distinction: Laura Trickett

“When I accidentally became a communication major, I thought I was signing up for four years of education. I didn’t know that it would lead to meeting amazing peers turned life-long friends, intentional professors turned life-long mentors, and a simple internship turned a life-long career.” 

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Student of Distinction: Lauryn Flores

Student of Distinction: Lauryn Flores

“As I prepare to complete my master’s degree and move on to law school, I have certainly seen the ways in which our words – our commitment to communication that uplifts and protects, create a more beautiful world for the people around us.”

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Student of Distinction: Isabella Gonzalez

Student of Distinction: Isabella Gonzalez

“Isabella is a remarkable person and creative designer whose qualifications are commendable. She excels in her coursework, specifically in the advanced graphic design courses where she has produced exceptional projects that exemplify outstanding design, research, creativity and craftsmanship,” said Martin R Valencia, Professor, Graphic Design/Illustration. 

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