MCJ Wisdom ( is the official blog of the Mass Communications and Journalism Department at Fresno State.

How to Manage Your Time in College

09/30/16 – Public Relations student Lindsay Haworth gives students advice on how to manage their time in college.

The Knowledge of Knowing PR Lingo

09/30/16 – As a kinesiology major, Nikki Diaz had to learn PR lingo pretty quick. In this blog, she shares what she has learned.

Five Steps to Being the Best On-Air Personality

09/26/16Aldenae Williams, a broadcast journalism student, gives advice on how to become the best on-air personality.

Navigating Social Media Successfully

09/26/16 – Public Relations student Stephanie Torralva shares a few tips on how to successfully navigate social media.

Curiosity and the Benefits of Living an Inquisitive Life

09/16/16 – MCJ Professor Jes Therkelsen shares his thoughts on why curiosity is an important quality documentary storytellers should possess.

Ten Apps Every Fresno State Student Should Have

09/16/16 – Fashion Merchandising student Taylor Castro shares 10 apps she believes every Fresno State student should have.

How to Decide If MCJ Is the Right Major for You

09/15/16 – Public Relations student Julia Nolasco gives tips to students who are having trouble choosing a major and those who are on the fence about majoring in MCJ.

How to Be a PR All-Star This Semester

09/06/16 – Erika D. Castanon, a Fresno State Public Relations student, shares some tips from her classmates [MCJ 158S] on what they do to help them thrive while maintaining a full schedule.

The Problem with Smart Phone Videos

09/01/16 – Fresno State Professor Candace Egan says in today’s world, where our smart phones can make us mini movie moguls, we are inundated with vertical movies. It just doesn’t work.